Saturday, February 07, 2004

-->>..crappy T-shirt Preview!!
..crusty weekend filler..
--February's 2004 'Previews' mag ..shows some good stuff out for April 2004!! ..above is a crusty preview of some of the newer TMNT t-shirt designs from Changes..
..Retro is the key for Changes:Ninja kicks and Ninja Noggins..Splinter's Dojo.. it's stinkin' of 80s pride

.. but if you gotta ride the new wave of Turtle apperal,C.B. Clothing has some of hip n' trendy TMNT designs with yir Green Teens in their current 2000s form!!
.. all shirts go great with yir facy zut suits and the nerdy boys' zit suits.. errr.. moving on..

-- case ya missed it..Peter Laird's 'Blast..' 82 exposess ol' school inks on the original TMNT #7 !!

--'Tales of TMNT' volume 2 is hot.. already on stands.. Tales fills in the gaps of the Turtles past thru 15 years on Mirage continuity that has never been told..
TMNT Tales #2.. 'Seeds of Destruction" house duo ..Jawson/Talbot spotlights actually..
the master Splinter!! takes Splinter all of his wisdom & ninjitsu skills to ward off an attack by a powerful Foot sorcerer!!

--.. finally.. the TMNT statue ..# 4 'Rapahael ..should start shipping around June..with a price similar to the first two statues.. (Leo and Mikey) $126.00 srp. up is the final statue to complete your sculpture masterpeice.. Donatello .. stay tuned!! ;)

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