Monday, February 23, 2004

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Sometimes good just isn't good enough...... As Splinter would say, "All things change as time goes by..." And that's just what's happened. Thanks to the initiative of uber-fan Kurt, now has awesome high-quality MP3s of the entire Coming Out of Their Shells album! So, go ahead and download these instead of the ones you already have! They're much better than those (which I made back in 1998).

Click here to get 'em!

Kurt used Sonic Foundry Sound Forge 6 to record 24-bit/48KHz wav's with peaks at ~ -4dB and saved these original '1st play' files on 2 separate disks (His tape has been played exactly one time, and these files sound AWESOME- no distortion, great separation, etc.). Then he used SF to resample/lower the bitrate/normalize the files, and now has files very close to what a CD would sound like. He offers compressed MP3s versions to the audience of this site.

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