Tuesday, February 10, 2004

-->>..musical fruit..t00t t00t..!!
..freeky floppy donkey ding dong!!!!YAAAAA..!!
Mighty Beans featuring TMNT.. are finally here!!

..no,tOkKa..not 'Pork n' Beans!!
..i picked up TMNT Mighty BEANZ at Super Target.. !!
..5 bucks for five crazy beans.. ya knock 'em over n' roll 'em around.. flippin' CAWAZY i tells ya!!

TMNT 'Mighty Beanz',again ..there are 18 'standard' Beanz of TMNT characters.. and 14 'Elite' of Shredder's meanest Bean Brains and Turtle rarities wearing beany clothing and such.
..the 'Elite' beanz are supposed to be rare.. but i only had enuff cash for 4 packs..
..i already have 6 of those rare Beanz ..so either i'm real lucky.. or they aren't all that hard to find.
..well 'nuff from me.. i got some Porky beans to cram up my nostrils.. well.. SEE YA!!
8) ..>v<

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