Wednesday, February 25, 2004

-->> ..thwak tw0k!!
--..kinda cool..
.. i'm a bit late with this, but it doesn't seem anyone noticed anyway so ..

Wizard's 'Toy Fare' magazine..for March 2004..
('s the one with either an 'Indiana Jones' Kermit the Frog toy on the front.. or a Mego Spider Man and Doc Ock on the's the same issue..2 differant covers..checkit out now while it's still may be on some stands)..
..err anyway.. their 'BEST OF 2003' features gives off the Toy Fare's staffs' best picks on Figures,DVDs,comics ect.. and..well..
'TMNT' made the Best Video Game for 2003 .. so there.. an added treat.. the 'Slide Show' comic feature in the back features a funny as h3ll Turtle comic romp..i'll scan it in tomorrow and post it.

-- Again..check Kurt'sThe Comind Out of Our Shells mp3s.. (yeh all nice n' legal ,feds.. so back off..)
..take a tune and take a listen ..take a CD n' burn it.. the ol' TMNT Pizza Hut Promo is back.. it's like 1990 all over again!! i guess that makes it really umm.. carry the 4.. 19902004 er..

.. yeh i'm tired.. go save n' burn.. g0g0g0g0..

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