Thursday, February 05, 2004

-->>! ! ?!? is what i am assuming is final box art for "Artisian's" release of the classic 5 parter of the original 'TMNT' cartoon due in April.

..this far is the only art work i could find.. i tryed to blow it up a little..but well for all the good it did me(uugghh!!).
..Looks familier,huh..the ol' Toei TMNT classic art from the old Turtle Vhs boxes!! 8)

This may be tentative work.. but we'll see.
..i'll keep an eye out for better pix.

Side Note::**
..Hey,Nick.. there was no inside joke.. about the 'Sex Toys' .. as soon as you click the link Mikey sent here for the TMNT Game Trainer afew days ago.. there is a banner add at the top of the page advertising said 'toys'.
I was only kidding with Mike.. but i guess it backfired.

I apologise to anyone offended by the comment. I do get pretty Loud with my comments sometimes.. but i didn't intend to hurt anyone..
..i especially apologise to Mike.. for it weren't for him..i'd not be here right now in any copacity..

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