Saturday, February 28, 2004

-->>..Turtle babies.. we make our dreams come true.. turtle babies..we live in the sewer water and your poo..
---Checkout the official TMNT site for Minty Fresh n' on card images of the next wave of TMNTs..Baby Turtles to Turtle Monsters and Leatherhead.. it's all there!!

(all other of Mr.B's regualar Turtle updates and dreamscapes start here..!!)

NEIL V of the mightyNINJA TURTLES NET... does it again..

..mark this
#5 in his interviews with the man,myth, and co-creator of TMNT.. 'Peter Laird' !! 8)

.. golly gee,Neil.. i'd be lucky 'nuff to land a date with a llama.. gees!! w0w!!

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