Tuesday, February 03, 2004

-->> ..DVDVDVDVD!!
.. sorry to interupt Mikey's update on
P.C. TMNT game trainer and Erotic Glass Sex Toys..

..but some more info on the month of April's Classic TMNT DVD Release..

.. the 'UNAIRED EPS'.. actually were aired in some markets.. in fact..
they are 4 eps from the final 10th season of the original TMNT toon on CBS before they retired the show and went onto 'Next Mutation' ..
Season 1 (original 5-part miniseries aired December 1987):

"Turtle Tracks" (a.k.a. "Heroes in a Halfshell")
"Enter the Shredder"
"A Thing About Rats"
"Hot Rodding Teenagers from Dimension X"
"Shredder and Splintered"

4 'Unaired' Episodes:

"The Return of Dregg"
"Beginning of the End"
"The Monster From Dimension X"
"The Day the Earth Disappeared"

..these were the 'Red Sky' Episodes featuring the ultimate and Final TMNT villian 'Dregg'.. voiced by V.A. and stage/screen legend.. Tony Jay..
....some more of the scoop is her on ::'Tv Shows on DVD'.. ..
.. come on ,Peter Cotton Tail..hop down the bunny trail.. n' fill tOkK's Easter Basket with new TMNT classic DVDs !!

..o' yeh,Mike.. i havn't tryed those glass sex toys either.. lemee know how they work out for ya.. >8)

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