Sunday, February 22, 2004

-->> i posted a link to an article about the U.S. government cutting the funding for Close Captioning..
here is yet some further info on this bothering trend to keep the 'vocal' on T.V. programming Vocal and not Text for those in the deaf and hard of hearing community..
..from the 'Associated Press'::
'TV captions get cut'..
..The close captioning cut is being applyed to T.V. shows not considered 'educational'..shows like Ninja Turtles.. (yep..that's on "THE LIST" too,folks..)

.. these kind of shows help deaf children "learn about the trends, culture and society around them," said Nancy Bloch, executive director of the National Council on Disability.

..In addition to deaf viewers, captions are also used by people who are learning to speak English and on televisions in noisy places such as health clubs, said the National Council on Disability."

..disabled or not and simple or not,educational or not.. facts of the matter.. like stated before..
This is censorship .. whiel the networks will prolly end up fotting the bill.. thiseems as if the government not only thinks that the deaf are stupid and cannot make their own decisions on what they should and should not watch and comprehend.. but it seems.. the U.S. fedral government thinks everyone is stupid.

..This is

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