Friday, April 30, 2004

-->> ..after ya chomp on pizzas.. be sure to brush for shiney ninja Choppers.. !!
.. yeh.. you can deff tell it's a pokey week in TMNT-ville .. when i'm left to report on toothpaste..
sure it's cool Zooth is offerin' oral ninja hygenics to keep yir turtle choppers in ship-shape for Shredder Bitin' and Pizza poppin' ..

.. but we want some action !!
Luckily..for us..
..huh?? you gonna punt dah ball?? gonna punt dah ball.. huh ..are ya?? .. i can't see!!
..fightin' GEAR TMNTs come in 12 inch size.. Action figure d0t com.. these guys look ready to bust some teeth !!
.. >8]+]

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