Sunday, April 11, 2004

-->> ..happy bunny day!!
..smelly Easter egg..'s a stinky lil' little spoiler courtesy of 'Dierna'..
..regarding yesterday's Blast #88.. update
.. it's a pretty neat spoiler ..but .. i know how ya non-spoiler Turtle turdie mongers get.. ..i'll allow you some time to get away before i give ya an easter egg.. and it's a real stink
HERE's your last chance..then i'm droppin' the bomb..

..but if your a Spoiler-stinker.. well

.. scroll on..

**~~~~~~~Smelly Spolier Space!! !! ! ! !



.. ok..
Ready?? turnin' back,Bucky..

O'..don't worry 'bout me..i've had this sore throat fer 5 days now..HHAACCK~~~**

Blast from the future shows an image from one of the
last couple eps of Season 3!! AAAH!!! What the heck
happened to that mirror Splinter?!
Yes... Mirror Splinter...The Klingon looking beard
gives him away as Mirror Splinter (ref. 'Star Trek :Deep Space 9') ! So is there gonna
be AU eps???
Splinter has an evil twin who wears Klingon armour!!

.. ..'s that fer an Easter Egg!! 8)
.. ain't i a stinker?? .. .. >v<

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