Friday, April 02, 2004

--..early mornin' grocery shoppin' baby Mikey a scary suprise..
.. as reported earlier.. at the local Walley-World Mart..
..that really pretty end-cap.. and a chock stock full on shiney new TMNT packs in the action figure isle..
..all your favourites were there.. Except April,Foot Fire Mystic....and the only disapointment..
NO 'Quarry'.. ..Purple girl just could not be found in any of the stacks or pegs i found.. SHE WAS NOT IN THIS ASSORTMENT.. that i could see..
.. but i did find Leatherhead,Giant Mouser Robot,Stone Biter,..

*Bonus DVDS are.. ..Darkness on the Edge of Town.. and Garbageman

..and only 1 Razor Fist .. i don't know if he's short packed..but this was the only Scorpion Freekie i found.. so..

..eeecch!! All the figs..again have the DVDs "Darkness on the Edge of Town" & "Garbageman" .. but that's it.. no other TMNT eps were available..i guess it varied which of the 2 Vids came with which figure..
..supposedly..'Wal-Mart' exclusive.. and i did see plenty of 'Toddler Turtles' ..

.. The Search for Quarry continues.. .. maybe i'll find the Grape lady she can join her creepy pals!!
(i'll try Kmart..) >8}

--..summin' creepy goin' on..

The much anticipate Tales..vol.2 #2 is due next week.. and Mr.B has the peek for all the Splinter sneeks.. !!


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