Wednesday, April 28, 2004

-->> ..Pizza helps build strong turtles!!
.. Strange new info on an obscure ..(i assume) 'Ninja Turtles: NTM' Video Starts updated by Mr.B ..on the official TMNT d0t com..
..(pictured above is the U.K. release of the same video on PAL was released on VHS in North America..) ..
..while if your not a fan of the Next Mutation.. ignore this news.. but if your like me & into the TMNT as a whole and dig all the odd and end videos you can get your grubby,geeky hands whet with.. this may be a real cool addition to your video library of one of the coolest of the 'Next Mutation' sets of episodes.. as well as the introduction od possible the sexiest TMNT villian ever.. VAM MI !!

-- Speaking of 'Next Mutation.. from,Kali ::..
Hey all!

For awhile I've been mentioning a little project I've been planning. A rewrite of the NT:TNM pilot miniseries (the first five eps) in comic form. Well, I'm only a little more than halfway done, but this project kinda made me forget to do a page for my regular webcomic. Oops!

So, since I felt like I had to put something up, I give you the first three pages of "Ninja Turtles: Dragon's Fire" for your viewing (dis)pleasure.

I'd like to say before hand that this was never going to be a great work of art. Relatively little effort went into these pages. I inked in BIC pen to avoid messy and time-consuming pencil smudges. Colors are Crayola-student quality pencils, one layer for the most part.

I'll accept comments and questions, and critiques will be dealt with in the same attitude in which they were received. And before you ask, I'm not giving away spoilers.

Kali's Story starts here!!

-- !!
Again..Nick's newewst 'D 4 K' please refrain from chuckling to hard and having the milk shooting from your nostrils.. and short curcuiting your monitor.. that'd just be a big mess for everybody.. maybe you better grab a bucket..

-- N.V. .. Has a new 3-d rendered Shredder from the new TMNT up at N.T.N. excuse me.. this is more fan excitement than i can handle ..i need to hit the Maalox .. oi..


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