Friday, April 16, 2004

-->> ..hey,guys.. you think it'd be ok if i squish Mikey's head with the manhole cover here?? Thumbs up for 'aye' .. thumbs down for 'nay'..

Mr.B's Finally Friday TMNt baisic updates start here.. &'s almost here..
"Artisan Home Entertainment's classic TMNT cartoon DVD, featuring the first season of the show and four bonus episodes. We do not have any info on this release as Artisan does not provide us with any details. It's supposed to be in stores on April 20. You can order it online at"..
..with a really cool Price on amazon of $12.73 (excluding shipping..) 8)!!

Mr.B of official TMNT d0t Com.. has the full Cartoon Network schedule starting here..
..for some reason..sans.. Episode #16 'The King..' .. 8{


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