Wednesday, April 07, 2004

..stomp some Foot before they kick yir shell!!
-->>..hey,UK-TMNT hero buffs!! (..and Turtle fans in general..)


To celebrate the launch of the kick-ass..
UNCUT live-action Turtles movie ON 5th April :
..Raph and the brains
of the crew, Donatello..
..have designed an awesome
game requiring great dexterity and
Mondo Ninja butt-kicking skills..
Give it a go dude!! !! !! !! !! !! !! !!

20 Prize Packs To WIN!
Includes exclusive retro skateboard, Theatrical poster and more!

..hurry..contest ends on the 31st of April !!

..check out the official 'TMNT movie' site for more info and purchasing info on the new DVD !!

--..avoid the Noid!!
..a was a little suprised and a Noid..
.. but all in all it's pretty cool.. the Hot Wheels Licensed 'Monster Jam ' is really hot..
.. and i got real excited when the TMNTs were getting a truck featured in their likeness..
Truck # 40 (which i guess is Raphael..hence the Red bandana on the truck's dash)..
.. well be on the look out for Truck # 15 .. Donatello.. least that's what it sez on the package.. which is weird ..cuz the first monster truck from last fall doesn't say "Raphael" ..
(..i found the Donnie truck in the picture at K-mart)
.. but.. well leaves one to assume.. that there are 2 more Trucks on the way!! (maybe.. not sure but i will find out)..

..a truck for Leonardo and Donatello .. 8)

.. i think the Noid is just upset cuz the Trucks ran over his pizza.. 8/ ..

.. >v<

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