Thursday, April 29, 2004

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..fairly fresh from the the Artzilla Sewers :: comes your 5th Turtle winner!! quote main-man..Gannon..::
Turtles WINNER! MAN was it close!

Is it you? CLICK!

Caravaggio by creon!

Haven’t seen his entry yet? Check it out:

If you forgot what the prizes are, here’s the rundown:

1. An armful of TMNT toys
2. a TMNT kids t-shirt
3. a LeSean signed TMNT comic and finally
4. a LeSean TMNT sketch and an Original TMNT Page!!! Wow!

-Click to view LeS's prize:
Here !!

& Here !!

Lets all give Creon a pat on the back, and special thanks to our official sponsor KONAMI for contributing the prize pack, LeSean for his incredible generosity, and especially ALL OF THE ENTRANTS! Good LORD, ARTXILLA has more up & coming talent then most comic book companies have pros! Don’t kid yourself when I say the final decision was the HARDEST yet. With entries as incredible as this:

Dah Winnah!!

Our decision wasn’t made lightly. Creon, simply, had it all. A very creative, unusual design to the 5th turtle, great back story, fantastic weapon, clean art work that made all the details visible to the judges (went as far as doing 3 PoV’s). But it was a close race. Jimmy Joe’s was insanely cool. As was Proph3t’s Warhol. I really want all of you to hold your heads up high.


..lots of great Turtles from what i've seen.. awsome work all of y'alls!! The TMNTs now have a fleet to take on the Foot!! 8)


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