Monday, April 19, 2004

-->> sis picked me up this Leo pillow at Wal-mart last night..
..i know alot of folks are pickin' up the latest TMNT decor to make thier beds all nice n' plastron purty.. but not all the Walley Worlds and Khols stores are sellin' em yet.. but keep an eye out and keep keen..the TMNTs are out to make your bed room a Brawl Room!!
That pillow plush will run you a little over 12 bucks..

--hey..remember the '80s ??
It's time you guys.. !!
.. TMNT the original series.. "featuring the first season of the show and four bonus episodes ('red sky' episodes) are out TODAY!!
..get to your fave DVD hot-spot today and pick it up!!

..remember.. Cartoon Network's Miguzi block starts today with the TMNT playing at 6 p.m. E/P ..
..Miguzi's official site and info start here!!
..toon in!!

From Mikey n' the main artist lady set om makin' the Forums a better place !!

-- Ready,set,learn!!
Where should a 300-pound Utrom go?? .. --On a diet!!

.. plenty of TMNT reading.. for the younger turtle tikes.. and the appreciative Turtle freekie-geekies!! 8) mentioned weeks back.. the new TMNT books have been leaking into stores. lucky for me the other day Media Play had all of them..

-"MEET Casey Jones"

-"The Secret" ..(featuring..not Kilink.. but herhaps his mother.. a cat named 'Balloons' 8P)..

-"The Green Monster"

-"Look Out ! It's Turtle Titan!"

- and the really cool ,"Jokes from the Sewer" featuring really sweet artwork illustrated by Mirage Moogle google 'Eric Talbot''s so neat to see some fresh TMNT work from a fan favourite and if you're new to his art style.. you're in for a fun treat ..sides..the book is real Zany!! !!

..what you can't find at your favourite library,book store, media store.. book broker..
Amazon should have all of what you're looking for..
.. take it from tOkK's been years scince some non-comic related TMNT lit has been published.. and these fun little books are well worth it, bop on over to where readin' is keen and get your Turtle share today!!

..dang.. i'm good..
yeh ..i'll keep tellin' myself that.. >v<

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