Friday, April 23, 2004

-->>We are not 4-LOM for this world..

Pictured here ..with the loverly '4-LOM' is ..'Space Hoppin' Mike.. this is
'World In Advance' Exclusive(you can order These figs here.. )
..there is the fancy 'Peter Laird' sticker on the back to show that this is a special edition TMNT toy..

..the problem i have is.. I WANNA OPEN THE TOYS!! O' well.. pure torcher i tells ya!!

..PHOOEY !!. Yeh..just hang them on the wall.. and have them space you out and goad ya til' the regular editions come out.. grrrumble~~** i don't know what to do..

-- N.V. of 'Ninja turtles Network sends'::

" report on the Original series DVD info, and the first to run a Petition to get the series on DVD in 2002. Wether that had any ef fect or not, who is to say, but it's out in stores now and it's our job to support it!

Tthe quality on the 1996 episodes is Super clear. It's almost like you a re watching each Cell being photographed individually rather than watching the final moving image. I seem to remember the audio being a bit sharper on my TV Taped Hi-Fi episodes, but maby that's just me. I'll have to do a tape to DVD comparison later.

The original 5 episodes from 1987 look decent enough on DVD, definetly better than VHS quality. No tracking problems, no black slits appearing randomly on the screen, and no audio skips. THe Introduction sequence has a few video problems. For instance, whenever blue appearrs on the screen, it gets really blurry atthe top, but other than that, it's definetly better than VHS quality.

I'll try and get a VHS to DVD comparison picture setup tonight so you can see for yourself..."

..we'll keep an eye on that from the main master Turtle Meister N.V. (aka.. Shredder) ..8)

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