Tuesday, April 13, 2004

--Ok,Ok..bunny.. i can see yir pole.. now get it outta my face!! Gees!!
..kinda been a big news day.. Splint at T-drome..gives the
long awaited new about everyone's favourite Mouser Mad Man.. and the Radical Ronin Rabbit.. ::

"Don't jump for joy yet....because the Baxter is majorly toon inaccurate. The body he comes with doesn't match -any- of his cartoon appearances. And the head looks terrible. So no hope for a headswap with a Utrom Exoskeleton. It looks more like a psychotic Krang's bubblewalker. Seriously, I'm starting to lose major faith in the line. It started so strong too, and now it's starting to stumble. I can't really say much more, the pictures speak for themselves. Playmates, you wound me. At least Usagi is cool. "

-Here's Baxter's Proto Pic #1

- Bax's Proto Pic # 2

-Usagi's priceless Proto can be seen here ..
....i'm wondering if Baxter will be a mix and match figure.. yeh.. and like Splint said..maybe he'll have an extra body .. you can prolly make a really mixed up mad doctor.. well.. we'll see.. i actually like the Baxter Proto.. ALOT!!
.. 8) and Usagi is always wonderful.. so stick some of my snapper spikes in yir pipes and smoke 'em ,Fan boys..

--..yeh..i'm sorry ,Mikey.. ya really do smell like fish.. hold on..i'll get the Glade..
Mr.B ..of official TMNT web..
..has the production previews of TMNTs that go Commando in the U.K. and Turtles all flippy and flappy and sobbin' wet in their new Scuba Gear..starting here!!

..as well as The Space Hoppin' TMNTs 'Moc' and Fan avs on the Updates page wit' the O.C. on the flipy fly,Gee.. startin' here.. see??

--..money dosen't grow on trees..Mighty Beanz do..
Mighty Beanz 2 packs!!
..i hit up Dollar Tree late Monday ..they have small boxes of little plastic bags
..of TMNT Mighty Beanz !!
..there were soem 'Marvel' ones.. but me n' some little kids were raidin' the TMNT ones big time..

..this is a great value.. especially if your scrimpin' and scrapin' for cash..
..the Normal 5 packs of Mighty Beans are about 6 bucks.. the 2 packs are just 1 buck!!
..you can get 5 more Beans for the price of the 5 packs.. that's 10 ~~(durr.. you can add..) !!

..so if your still trying to finish out your Mighty Beanz Turtle collective.. wiggle and wobble to Dollar Tree..
and possible other dollar stores in your area.. i got real lucky.. I'd een looking' for the 'Hamato Yoshi' Bean..

.. do .. there ya go.. Buckar00s!! 8P

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