Thursday, April 08, 2004

-->>..see ..i told yas ..we had a 'big lizard' problem out here inna garden.. but ya din' beleive me.. why didn't ya beleive me!?

Mr.B od official TMNT d0t com gives heed..
TMNT vol.4 #15 ..see the TMNTs headin' for tons of Lizard and Aztec warrior trouble especially the newly transformed Raphael !!

..due out soon.. (Check'it..'Tales..'#2 should be out at your comic choppes now!!)

-- ..from Mr.B ..
Mirage C.E.O. Gary Richardson recently took a world wide trek to the Land Down Under to take care of some TMNT business in Australia. Here's some pix of the totally Turtly tour! Whatta trip!"

The Big Boss's Trip to the land of the Dingoes starts here!! Gary gets all the fun!! 8)
..maybe i'll get luck n' this Gary will bring me back a wallabee..last time he brought me back a a lousy t-shirt.. no it was really said.. " i'm with Stupid .." .. and the arrow pointed up to the neck of the shirt..

ok..never you mind.. >v<

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