Saturday, May 01, 2004

-->> yir back,Raph!!.. o' sh7t..i think i took out the Tires on the General's Hum Vee.. RUUUUNN!!
.. TMNT: Volume 9 hits the shelves this TUESDAY,kiddos !!
.. & good ol' Splint from T-Drome has..::

"We have a release date, and some limited news about Volume 11 of the new TMNT cartoon series. It seems we're in for a bit of a wait on this one. While 10 will be out June 8th, Volume 11th won't street until the 17th of August. Judging by the title of the DVD, we can likely expect the following episodes to be included on the disc.

#35 - The Ultimate Ninja
#36 - Reflections
#37 - Modern Love: The Retun of Nano
#38 - What a Croc (Unconfirmed)

The news comes from our good friends at And you can already pre-order this release from DVD Planet. Just follow the links."

--..the News is here!!
--DVD planet's listing is here for pre-order!!
..there ya go,buckos.. not such a bad update if i do say so myself.. 8}

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