Sunday, April 04, 2004

-->> What?? I was just crossin' the street.. What ..WHAT!?

..notable quotables.. and your Sunday Funnies..

--NV of N.T.N. ..::
"Could be.... Seems Mr.Grayson(Voice of Michelangelo) was able to confirm on our message board that they just finished recording a variation of it. Not sure if he can elaborate on that, but since it would probably include spoilers, my guess is no :). It also appears that Klunk may make his animated debute sometime soon as well. And with Peter Laird in charge, probably no surprise :).."

--..good ol' N.Turtle at T-drome.. with news from Mandy..
"As many Australian Ninja Turtles fans may know, only the Gameboy Advanced version of the new TMNT game is currently available down in Australia.
However next month a demo of the game will be available for XBox, included on a demo disk in the next issue of the Official Australian XBox Magazine.."

-- !!
..Protect your TMNT Tradin cards with this awsome Note Book holder !! ..way c00' .. 8)

-- ..if you want my plastron ..and you think i'm sexy..
Some Talent Show teens.. strut their Turtle Stuff!!

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