Saturday, November 08, 2003

'MONSTER TURTLE SWEEPSTAKES'..are here and the stakes are high!!.. Enter to win,kiddos..and maybe if your lucky.. the 'Monster Party' including a pizza party with yir pals and the monster Truck Turtle!!
..*Coming soon.. TMNT Monster Truck Hot-wheels!! !!

 ..Morphius ?? ..i'm not Morphius!!..the names ,MEL.. MEL the Ninja.. besides does Lawrence Fishburne look this good in long speedos?? ..i think not!!
-the pretty cool pre-production sculpts of 'Utrom Guardian' are up.. the OOts' #1 Matrix reject and all around shady shadow warrior..
-Danny B's TMNT comic strip reduxes are here..
-..and T-drome news pimp, Nturtle ..says..::
"TV shows on has new release dates for upcoming volumes 5 through 8 for the new show:

Volume 5: Notes From The Underground - Jan. 13

Volume 6: The Shredder Strikes Back - Jan. 13

Volume 7: Return to New York - Mar. 23

Volume 8: The Search for Splinter - Mar. 23.."

 ..i was gonna go see 'Matrix Rev' after i stole this kid's TRIX.. but i'm sooo tired..

.. ..silly rabbit..the Matrix fo' kids, G.. >v<

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