Sunday, November 23, 2003

.. there are prolly more logical reasons why i'm on AIM more at night than in the day..(i was on such a short time ,sheesh) .. i guess i'm gonna stick more to nights. Things said on AIM i gotta take with a grain of salt, but if you got something to tell me please be strait up..things mess with my skull..sorry.

..The reasons why i'm on this web site are long and compicated.. and maybe the Tech Guy here hates that fact.. & maybe Nick isn't to thrilled about it either.. just cuz i wasn't 'here first' .. don't like me.. but come to me.. you got something to say to me.. come to me.. don't talk to some kid and have him act like your messanger.

I'm doing my absolute best to keep on top of my own sh6t and Mikey's stuff here too makin' as enjoyable as i can,and there is to much anxiety in a day to deal with for me to be in little head games with people i barely know.

..whatever.. i'm posting this here cuz it's tired and bothered.. i'm gonna stay off AIM in the day when i come on as 'tokkab2' ..

..Like me or hate me.. i don't care.. i've not ever been alot of people's favorite.. but the fact i am here and helping keep the show going is a fact you better just get over.
I'm pretty damm commited to this site for whatever it's worth.. and again you got a problem with that.. get off your sorry gossipy ass and send me an email and at least tell me strait up.

Just cuz my name isn't on the damm website domain name there;doesn't mean i don't have a part in this. (I was coming on this web site just as a regular fan scince the very ya know,f8ck you haters..maybe in a way i was here 'first'). In some instances i got a bigger part than you'd think.
Whatever.. i help keep this site going as much as anyone else..Mikey,Mikey Jo,Nick included.. so..rant for the day is over..and you got somethin' to say to me ..say it.. cuz i'm here!!..>v<

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