Sunday, November 16, 2003

Alright. Love the space!

Okay, there is a new comic, been up since thursday or So. I've just been lazy about getting it up here. As such, I'm gonna do a webcomic call.

If you have a TMNT-based comic of some sort, fan-fiction or... please e-mail at That way when I do my updates, I can update all of you on other fan comics and the like! So... if you have a webcomic which in someway incorporates TMNT, or IS a TMNT webcomic, then drop me a line. Usually, my updates are every Thursday as it is when I update my comic usually, and post it on here. It's something Mikey wanted to do, and I thought I'd get a jump start on things. :-)

I guess I'll also do normal fan-fiction based updates as well, so if you updated your fan fiction you've been writing for like years and want people to know, check it out, tell me about it!

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