Sunday, November 02, 2003

Happy Birthday,Nick..!!
..Nick's been pretty good to little shout to his 50 gala..he's a DJ goofball with his sh5t goin' soo.. Cheers,Nick-o....!!

.. ok.. well here's the goofy grub from 'Previews' mag....2004 looks pretty good DreamWave's TMNT #8::
'Due to a one in a million freak accident,Baxter Stockman's computer becomes sentient...and seeks revenge for turtles having destroyed so many of it's 'children' (i.e.) Mousers. So it creates the perfect killing machine to track down and eliminate the Turtles once and for all: T4,the Turtlenator.
..Guest cover by Starscream madman,Pat Lee!! $2.95..1/2004 tie -in to Nick's stuff.. while the new Video Game villians won't be showin' up in the new TMNT cartoon.. the comic is fair game.. 'T4' = a.k.a. 'Evil Turtlebot'.. wonder if we'll see a few other Video Game relatives in the D.W. story arcs..hmm..

.. here's the much anticipated..::

Tales of the TMNT vol.2 #1
by Steve Murphy & Dario Brizuela; cover by Michael Dooney

"The Forgotten": An old map leads to dangers and an encounter with an ancient and dangerous race of creatures far below the streets of Manhattan. Mystery, adventure, and shells-to-the-wall ninjitsu action!
b&w, 32pg..........$2.95 1/2004

.. gee whizz.. Halloween just zipped by.. the TMNT Mega Block Sets complete with mini-tmnt figs..mock-legos..and MUTAGEN OOZE ..SERIOUS Slimage!! Hallmark Party Express offers Sewer Slime party well 4 pack coumpounds of the gooey oooze.. and between now and then there's still plenty of Turtles to keep everyone hoppin'..includin' Sanny Clause,Hunnukah Harry and the Easter Bunny.. so get ta bein' good kids!! .. oiivey..

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