Friday, November 28, 2003

- Nifty little find.. scanning the isles real quickly..before tha major madd holiday spree hit.. at 4 a.m. friday..i ran over to the stoopit Wal-mart.. in the general school supplies area (pens,markers,stationary,crayons are found there..) they had TMNT 'Wobble Writer' pens.. i'd seen the Care Bear ones.. but a Michelangelo one is to much to pass up.. real cool pen with a Shell base so it stands upright on your desk and his head wiggles and wobbles as ya write and he won't fall down!! They are a little over 3 bucks.. but maybe Santa or Channukah Harry has some room on his list for little things like this for the stuffing of socks!! (Ya know.. 'stocking stuffers' !! ..eesh..)

- T-Drome tumblings..
..from the main man ,Nturtle::
"The new TMNT plushies are out and in stores now!

And while you are out looking for those plushies: Issue #6 of Dreamwave is out!
.. ..
And also has announced that the new Tales of TMNT comic, will be out by January 2004
..finally friday.. and some of ya are still 'off' .. have a good rest of yir weekend.. and save some turkey leftovers fer Mikey's specialty..::
'Turkey Pizza' .. (ooii..i think i'm gonna vomit!!) ENUFF' Turkey already!! Bleeehh.. where the h3ll is my tofu??

.. >v<

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