Monday, November 24, 2003

-->> Rat Pack??

-I find stuff like the following a little disturbed..& damm it's like the early 1990s all over again.. back in the day the TMNTs were a constant target for parental goups and often it seemed as if the parental groups were more comprised of nothing but irresponsible people that complained about the stae of affiars about anything ..within' their own narrow minded opinions were considered acceptable Television watching,video game playing..or toy playing.
The past decade presented monumental Rating systems for so many things.. it's fairly common now to see a rating for every single television show on the air.. ('cept the nightly news..go figure).. and every single Video game has a rating as well--E - M (rated Everyone to Mature). While the TMNT incedents were a bit more isolated , it was a precursor of the years to follow.. cracking down on everything the old 'comics code' you would see on comic covers that were 'acceptable' for kids to read. Well.. a new generation of TMNTs have spawned a new generation of watch-dog groups..willing to keep an eye on the TMNT..making sure that the shell-backs fit the standard of 'non-vilolent'..

CTV,Canada's Report..::
A group aimed at transforming "children's war chests into toy chests" has released its annual lists of 12 violent toys to avoid and 20 peaceful alternatives. Topping the "dirty dozen" this year: The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
The Lion and Lamb Project finds very little heroic about the "heroes in a half shell" of the early 90s, who are being relaunched for another generation.
The Turtles "behave according to a vigilante code, where they (and not law enforcement officials) are "judge, jury and enforcer!'" according to the Maryland-based group's Web site.

Lion and Lamb's list is here.. while thay don't single TMNTs out..( there are other popular toy lines in the list X-men,Power Rangers,Transformers..ect.) ;TMNT's 'Casey Jones' figure is a the tippy-top.
..i get leery about stuff like this.. while i understand parents' concerns about what children are exposed to.. it can verge very VERY close to all out censorship.. but hopefully now.. in 2003 Mirage Studios has more creative control over the situation and maybe it won't get so out of control like the Turtles had faced in the early '90s. I don't have the answers..but where does individual parental supervision kick in.. ?? I don't know.. i don't have kids.. but i know alot of kids.. immpresional as kids can be.. they aren't dumb.. good parental direction goes a long way.. but well.. .. what can ya do ?? Maybe parents are askin' themselves the same question

-t-Drome tip offs ..from my good pal,NTurtle..
*More of the same report on the Cartoon Network deal..
*and here.. ..(kinda tired news now.. but hey,the more ya know..right??)

- cool news from N.Turtle himself..:: "..from the 28th to the 30th, Kevin Eastman will be attending the Mid-Ohio Comic-Con!You can see him on Sunday in Panel Room A at 2pm! Be there!"

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