Wednesday, November 26, 2003

-..DANNY B. of official TMNT web has set up side by side Scaling of the painted 2004 prototype toys with Leonardo to give ya pretty cool idea as to the size of these sillin' new TMNT toy suckers..!!
..thanks go to my goofy ol' pal 'Jeoace Jeffie' for the quick tip!! ;)

-T-drome ..the 'Big Guy' .. is moving servers.. so the site has been down.. but hopefully by the time i post this.. she'll be off to her new home and back and badder than ever..

Spin Master's Mighty Beans gets in on the TMNTs greeny beany goodness with a 5 pack supposedly due by January 15th ..but possibly out by the end of next moth (somewhere in there)..the Jolly Green Giants are about the equivalent of Mexican Jumping plastic form, and are some of the hottest toys on the market right now!!
.. jumpin' JIVEIN'.. !! 8D

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