Saturday, November 22, 2003

Hey everyone. I updated Thursday or so... and I forgot to post it up here again. In a way, i was hoping to hear anything regarding any TMNT-related webcomics that some of you have. As I said in my last post, I am trying to get a database of TMNT fan-comics or webcomics dealing with the TMNT in some form or fashion (such as the characters being a fan of the TMNT) and if you update it once a week, I could do a mass-update here on Mikey's TMNT. So if you have a friend who has a webcomic that matches that degree, or heck, you do, then e-mail me.

Regarding D4K: This week I have decided to do at least two comic strip updates per week as with the storyline and the passing of jokes per minute, and with me trying to find ways to get to those possible jokes without jumping from storyline, I find it a bit nerve-wracking. LOL. There are plenty of Looney Tunes/The Matrix jokes I could have done, but... ah the fun of storylines. :-) Expect a Looney Tunes reference here within the next week or so. But until then.. bear with me. I am shaping up the future of D4K, whether or not it's pure jokes per strip, or maybe some serious tones, with no punchline, sometimes in the comic. But anyhoo, here is this last Thursday's update.

On a Heavy Related TMNT note which ties into Dribble For Kids.... I am looking into going to comic-cons, and one of the ones I was looking at, was the most local one I could find. I live 20 mins from Columbus, and guess what, November 28th thru November 30th, Kevin Eastman will be at the Mid-Ohio Comic-Con! Well that is the flyer, but looking on the site,, you will find that Kevin is really there Sunday, in Panel Room A, starting at 2pm! A definate for TMNT fans and for Kevin's more mature fans, (dealing with Heavy Metal and the like...)

I'm definately gonna check this out. Not to like, suggestively sell, but if you are a fan of Seinfeld, the Soup Nazi will be there, and so will Brad Douriff (Wormtounge from LOTR: The Two Towers and Return of the King) and Walter Koening from Star Trek, and much much more. The tickets stop selling online November 24th, so definately check it out! Kevin's questionare is sponsored by a local comic shop.

Maybe I may see some of you there? And next time I'll try to find out about it much sooner. So let's recap, shall we?

Thursday's Dribble for Kids strip.

Have a comic strip with TMNT mentioned in it or done by you, A TMNT fan? If so, E-mail me.

Check out, buy tickets and go to the Mid-Ohio Comic Con to see Kevin Eastman and MUCH MUCH MORE!

Have a good weekend!

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