Thursday, November 06, 2003

-->> ..doesn't it feel good?? MMM??
..quick note..
PAYLESS SHOESource has been sportin' out on the shleves 'Ninja Turtle Slippers' ..out of curiosity sake..i may go check this out on weeks end.. there have been Ninja turtles slippers in the ol' Skool days of TMNT.. i even have a pair.. but unfortunatly ..they are too big to fit my big smelly walkers.. so.. again.. i'll go check this out.
And if it's 'Payless'..i'm prolly not gonna pay alot for this muffler.. and i'm gunna feel good about it.. .. alot for those slippers.. o ferget it..'s 5 inna morning!! 8(
.. >v<

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