Thursday, November 13, 2003

- PeterLaird's Blast.. gives you a neat look at the original preliminary work for the original Mirage TMNT comic #5 where the TMNTs meed Fugitoid (and the inpiration behind last weeks episodes)..
give it a minute to laod,kids.. this is turtle history.. and your livin' it.. Real cool stuff!!
..Official TMNT d0t com .. gives ya spooky pre-production look at everyone's fave Peace-lovin ..Krang lookin' aliens of 'OOZE'.. the Utroms..
-and all re-hash comic updates,coolio art contest winners ect. ..Start here!!
-~~~** -Quick Tip off from T-Drome's ,NTurtle!!
The new date for the release of the Shredder Strikes Back Fleer cards is January 2nd 2004

TMNT plush pillows? Why not?"

.. yep ..there's TMNT shape Pillow pillers for your bed,bath n' chairs to lounge about Reptile-ey!!
ok.. thanks,NT!!

.. B00gah boogah!!


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