Monday, November 17, 2003

-->> the late 1980s ,early 1990s.. the TMNTs were about everywhere..prolly even more so than they are now.. with He-Man and Gi Joe's fadin' into somber level and Transformers takin' refuge in the deepest corners of the Toy Department.. the TMNTS were 'HOT'.. very hot..and it was inevitable for ya kiddos to dig deep into your Burger King kid's club meal and pull out a Turtle badge that bairly stayed on your shirt and the suction cup you could stick on it would keep it on the window foe a few days.. and gees.. a few years later TMNT 3 hit the silver screen and kids' bikes all across the country got hit with TMNT gears and horns and spoke sliders..
Between 'Yu-Gi-Oh!!','PokeMon', and now.. TMNTs on 4-kids cash bus.. it was inevitable..the turtles are once again on the Burger Trail !! TMNT are set for sometime in 2004 in a ..a Q.S.R. (quick-serve restaurant) promo. So good news is new TMNT nick nacks for Kiddies and Turtle nerdies to go proudly go up to the counter and order a kid's meal.. but the bad news is the fatty calories from pounds of fries and burgers to get all the goodie turtle grubbies..
Lucky for you i'm maniac enuff to keep up with the Ronald Mc BidNEZZ ..i'll dig up more as i can. Currently there is no 'MAJOR CHAIN' name accossiated with this report..but,with as much calories that's connected to it.. better hope it's 'SubWAY' !!


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