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by Chris Arrant

Thanks to m'bloody amigo Nacho for the tip ..originating at 'Toonzone' ..quoting the original article here @ **Newsarama..::

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New York Comic Con was a busy affair, and saw many things in the aisles that caught our eye. One being this:

The above image was a special NYCC print by artist Santiago Bou and Mirage Studios, the people behind the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, to promote the upcoming movie release on March 23 and the array of comics Mirage has planned to release to coincide with the movie. There will be 5 "prequel" comics, each focusing on a specific character, and an 64 page official adaptation of the movie. The prequel comics will be:

1 - Raphael (by Steve Murphy and Fernando Pinto)

2 - Michelangelo (by Jake Black and Mr Exes)

3 - Donatello (by Steve Murphy and Jim Lawson)

4 - April (by Jake Black and Andres Ponce)

5 - Leonardo (by Steve Murphy and Dario Brizuela)

And the adaptation will be done by Steve Murphy and artists Diego Jourdan, Cristian Gonzalez and Juan Saavedra. The prequel comics will come out in the two week's prior to the movie's opening, with the adaptation comic book coming out the week after the opening. The prequel comics are partially based on the pre-production/back story notes of the film's director Kevin Munroe. Last year interviewed Kevin Munroe about the movie, and now we catch up on the comics side of the equation and talk with Mirage Studios' own Steven Murphy.

Newsarama: The official adaptation – is it taken straight from the movie, or from the script?

Steve Murphy: Straight from the final shooting script. However, some edits were made to the film since then that are not reflected in this adaptation. Fans may want to check out the official "junior" novelization from Simon & Schuster, as that was based on the final pre-shooting draft of the script and as a result is quite different than the comic book adaptation and actual movie.

NRAMA: When do the comic adaptations come out?

SM: There are five prequels and if all goes well the first two (Raphael and Michelangelo) will be out March 7, the second two (Donatello and April) on March 14, and the fifth one (Leonardo) on March 21. The adaptation itself will be out on the 28th, the week following the movie's March 23 opening. That's how Warner Brothers wanted it.

NRAMA: How do these prequels lead into the movie?

SM: Each prequel provides the back story to each of the featured title characters. For example, the movie opens with Leo having been away for a year on a "spiritual training mission" that is meant to bring his ninja abilities to the next level. The Leonardo prequel serves to tell us exactly where he went and what lessons he learned. Stuff like that.

NRAMA: With many movies, television shows and comics out, it gets a bit complicated. Could you tell us what's canon and what's uhm – "not"?

SM: "A bit complicated" is an understatement! Well, the way I see it there are several TMNT universes that are "canon," and several that are not. These distinctions are mostly based on past discussions with Peter Laird, who has very specific ideas about what is official history and chronology and what is not. Heck, this is so complicated that I'm not sure I even have the time to get into it now but, basically, it's like this.

The first two dozen (roughly) issues of the first volume of the TMNT comic published by Mirage are official continuity, as are several other Vol. 1 issues. All of Vol. 2 is official, as is the current (though on hiatus) Vol. 4, as are all issues of Tales of the TMNT, both volumes. Um, the first movie is also canon, as is the new one. (~ Tho' TMNT II and III are eluded to in the new ..again it's very debatable. That's Peter Laird for ya.Gotta live 'em. ~tOkK) All of that, for the most part, comprises the official canon, especially for Pete. The new cartoon is another universe but it too is considered canon, at least unto itself. The first cartoon show and the Next Mutation series and the Japanese series (~Which is a continuation of the original 1980s TMNT cartoon. oi .. ~t)and the middle two movies and the Archie and Image comics and the daily newspaper strip and the video game worlds are non-canon. Fans may and will point out discrepancies, I'm sure(~ Don' lookit me ,dude ! ~t).


Later in the forum posts ..other informative folks & Jake Black himself chimes in ..::

"You can get Trades of the old Mirage books (and I think some newer ones, too) at, the official mirage site.

I wrote the Mikey and April prequel comics (and a kids book called Leonardo Returns) for the TMNT movie. It's a lot of fun, and I hope you guys pick up the prequels...

You can also see preview art for the April issue on my blog at (** Click ..this is a myspace page. You can request Jake as a friend..) ..

..and the artist's blog at .. ..

(**Click HERE..

..this will return you to Ponce's site ..

.. we reported on him awhile back when he was starting out on 'TALES' ..

.. look in on he continues to make history with Mirage and some cool personal projects and my favourite 'C.O.W. BOYS' !! GREAT BLOGG !! ) . ..

Here is the direct link to my blog for the April art...(You can also see the exclusive Emerald City Comic Con Turtles print there...) (**Click HERE)

I have just (with Mirage's permission) posted three more pages this time from the Michaelangelo prequel. You can find them here: ..(**CLICK ..Plenty of 'COWABUNGA CARL ACTION' !! ??)"

Later 'jimdemonakos'
gives some more information ..

"Mirage will be making their only other convention appearance of the year at the Emerald City ComiCon (**Click for ther site) this coming March 31st & April 1st. Jake Black and Jim Lawson will be there, plus they'll have an exclusive print that is limited to only 100 at the show:.."

..later in the forum posts people start goin' on about fan stuff n' well ..the important meat n' potatoes pizza is all up there.. -^^

-- From sweet Dierna::

"..All 4 trailers ( ~ T.V. Spots) are online!! My fave is the one listed
as the 3rd...mostly cuz Raph says "I say we kick some
butt!" :D"

@ **CLICK !!

..more news to post as i go about the day ..


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