Wednesday, February 28, 2007

-->> This slipped me by .. but we got it oi ..

Courtesy of 'Xboxic' ..confirming the rumor aforementioned.. (**Click for a original article and mini gallery).

Looks like Konami and Ubisoft are teamin' up !! ::

"TMNT confirmed for the Arcade"

"There were rumblings in our very own forum, but it has now been confirmed that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be coming to the Xbox Live Arcade. It isn’t a new game, it is the version released back in the arcades all those years ago, but with some screenshots and a video after the jump, you will soon remember the greatness that once was!

Originally unveiled over at 360Style, it was later confirmed by Xbox First that the game was up on PartnerNet, meaning it is fully playable with working achievements and everything else. The game promises four player co-op goodness, both online and offline.

For those that don’t know or remember, TMNT on the arcade is a side scrolling beat-em-up, in a similar vein to that of Streets of Rage. With four players joining up and battling against the mighty Shredder himself, it will be a retro game worthy of being on the Arcade. I doubt many people will complain about this one. To see the game in action, head over to InsideGamer, the ever reliable guys that always seem to have some footage! (**Click here for I.G.'s stellar video !! Classic !!)"

**Click for the bigger poster image..

-- Wal-mart's promo poster exclusive !!

A graphic they seem to be using alot on different Movie products. per Josh's aforementioned post from the official TMNT site .

" - Josh "Turtle Kid" Rotunda sent in this info:

Just wanted to let you know that Wal-Mart has a pallet that has TMNT toys on it as part of a special promotion. Two of the four sides have a Leo and a free poster that you can get if you buy any TMNT toy. The third side has the TMNT vs the General two packs. The last side has the regular figures and here is the best news: Karai, Max Winters, Aracknor & Jersey Devil, and Vampire Succubor are included so be on the look out for the 4 new figures. Oh and the poster is the image on the four turtles on the box.

.. all this is true .. and there are plenty of new figs hitting shoppes nationwide especially the bad guys.. with an influx starting NOW .. i still havn't seen any new T.V. related figs yet ..but that may change. However Baxter ,Mutated Don, ect. have been making the mixes on pegs with their 'Fast Forward' counterparts at some stores like Target.

- Rivex doesn't wanna grow up.. so he tipped me off to this.. ((thanx,Riv..))::


(**Click to view the ad..)

I found something in the Toys R Us catalog I got in the mail today ..:

You get the TMNT Gift Card with a Turtles-related purchase of 20 bucks or more. .. "

More news as i poke n'snap n' spike about the day .. i'll also try to catch up on last weekend's NYCs Comic-con stuff.. for ya. Stay tooned.


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