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-->> ..the down time Tuesday WAS NOT MY FAULT !! .. look i'm just the news guy ,ok. Server issues happen.. we do our best to keep up with everything .. it's not easy.

The site's back .. get over it and enjoy !! Ok .. oi ..

Ugghh.. now lemmee finish my update !! Gee whizz.. !!#$$%$%&$^&%**@~~**

- Danny B. (Official Turtle Web Dude) on TMNT !! ::


-Dena sent in this news:

** Saw on the Game Stop web site that if you pre-order the Ubisoft TMNT video game you can get a reprint of issue #1 of the original Mirage comic.

www.gamestop.com (Click..)

- Posted a new Super Sale - for a limited time, and while supplies last, you can get all four limited edition TMNT statues for $400, postage paid in the continental USA.

** Click here for details.

- TMNT movie producer Tom Gray sent us the following pix of the TMNT movie promotion taking place in Taiwan. The Gang Green movie team goes global:

**Click for pixx !!

*Taiwan 1

*Taiwan 2

*Taiwan 3

*Taiwan 4

-**Posted links to some more 2006 Fast Forward toys on the Toys page. (Click)

-**Updated the Books of the Future page.

-Steve Murphy took the following pix of the Ubisoft booth that was at the recent New York Comic Con:

** Click for PIX !!


**Ubi Booth 2

-Hot Topic is running a contest where someone will win a trip for two to the WB studios for a tour and a private screening of the TMNT movie! Here's the promo poster (check the store for details):

-**Billy sent in the following link regarding the first season set DVD release from 4Kids Home Video:


-Joe Lyons from 4Kids Entertainment sent this info regarding the season set DVDs:

'Season 1 Part 1 will be in stores May 22. It will feature the first 12 episodes with part 2 out in September. The cover will feature original sketched comic-style art.'

-Metal Mike sent in the following info:

**Stylin' Online has the new TMNT Movie shirts on sale (for pre-orders), they will ship on March 14th:


-Jorhan sent in this snippet:

I noticed here in Canada that Wal-Mart had a huge bin of TMNT Turbo Bashers on clearance. They were packaged with either The Return of Savanti Romero Pt 1 or Pt 2 on DVD. To the best of my knowledge this is the first figure/DVD release in these parts.

- Keepin' time with the big Q & A .. and the big movie man himself : Kevin Munroe !!

Here's a collection of clips for ya courtesy of Dragon Lady 'Aig' and tipped from Greenwillow (thanks gals) !!::

**Click here for AIG's Video clips of Mr.Munroe givin' the dirt on TMNT from this past weekend's Wondercon panel !!

- Thanks to Ralph on T-drome !! ::

'Shredder in sequal' .. .. .. Or at least that's what this article implies.. " (**Click for the article !!)

- Thanx to Nacho :: Trailer de Tortugas Ninja. Jóvenes mutantes **Click here !!

"In latin America the film will have subtitles...

there is no info of when the film will be released here in london

i am happy because i go to venezuela in a couple of days so my friends and i r going to see the film together.

in my spanish site i will post all the pics of the posters and the publicity i will find in venezuela. i ask my friends to do the same thing in their countries (spain, mexico, chile...)

Nacho. .."

..*Dierna: "The UK and Venezuela release date for the movie is March 30th."

- Thanks to Roseangelo::

You get this if you buy $20 in TMNT toys. Yes, this means I caved and bought the Cowabunga Carl van.

-Writer Jake Black has got some more suprizes up his sleeves and summin' special for the Brits !! ::

J.B. :: "One Cat Out of the Bag

Well, at the WonderCon convention this weekend, Judd Winick dropped a hint about the DVD project I'm working on...it's the Green Arrow piece (though not a commentary like he said...something *much* cooler, involving the people he mentioned, and many more...Should be great! You can read about it here:


Finished the script for the Marvel/OSC project. Expect the press release today or tomorrow.

Got a greenlight on a UK-exclusive TMNT comic project.

Waiting word on the animated script.

Going to write part of the article for PWI this afternoon, and maybe an interview.

And, of course, Heroes tonight. After last week's "best episode ever," I can't freakin' wait for this one!

Not going to Wizard World LA -- didn't get the funding. So, Seattle, Calgary, and hopefully (if I can pull a miracle) San Diego.

Enough random thoughts. I've gotta get back to work."

..alright.. done for now.. ..

anyone gotta bone to pick with me.. ..email me or take it up with Mikey .. my beak hurts and i gotta painting to do for a local charity that's due like.. NOW !! I ain' got time for hatin' .. and it's exactly that that's helpin' ruin TMNT for me..

Now i gotta f7ckin' focus if i'm gonna get anymore work done for t2z and myself .. let alone keep up with the news. God.. am i gonna even be able to make it to the end of the month and enjoy the flick without smashing my brains with a cricket bat ?? Oi ..

PLEASE .. get the f7ck off my back if you ain' got nothin' better to do but bust my chops and jump to conclusions..n' run pure conjecture and bull sh7t speculation down my gullet.. !!

L8r ..


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