Monday, March 19, 2007

Movie Star TMNT - Movie Star RAPH CARD  backer (1991)

-->> Movie Star TMNT - Movie Star RAPH CARD backer

Movie Star TMNT - Movie Star Mike backer  (1991)

Movie Star TMNT - Movie Star Mike backer (1991)


-Fast Food Mutation Nation ..

Get a peek at McDonald's New 'TMNT' Happy Meal promo due later this week..(8 figures in all !!)

..** Click here for Mickey D's TMNT site ..and demos on all toy action !!

Remember can also purchase the toys separate from the Kids' Meal, all ya have to do is ask the clerk.

Raph's Milkshake brings the boys to the yard..

- Official site stats ..from Danny B. ::

"..Howdy folks - the site may be very slow at times over the next few weeks because we're getting tons more visitors than normal due to the imminent release of the new movie.

**Click - Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) from Episode #100 "A Tale of Master Yoshi".

-Mirage Studios artist Ryan Brown will be appearing at the Wayne Center for the Arts in Wooster, Ohio on March 31. Call (330) 263 - ARTS for more info (and check out the poster below):

-Paul Acevedo (EastX) sent in the following info:

The original TMNT arcade game is now available on Xbox 360. You can download it from **Xbox Live Arcade for 400 MS Points ($5.00). This is a perfect emulation of the original arcade game! The version that was included with TMNT 2 on GC/Xbox/PS2 had glitchy sound, but all music and voice samples are in tact on the 360. New character select graphics and a border for HDTVs have been added which use the new CG TMNT movie artwork. When playing offline, all four players have unlimited continues. Online, each player's lives are limited so it's a nice challenge. The game's **Achievements can be viewed here (Click-).

We've gotten sales reports in from the first 12 hours that the game was released and it's selling phenomenally well - thanks everyone!

-Adam sent in this news:

I found this page today with 11 clips from the movie and 2 trailers:

** Click-

- Marcos reports that has posted 11 clips as well (possibly the same ones - maybe a useful mirror).

- Star sent in this report:

On Saturday, March 17th there was an advance screening of the new TMNT movie at the AMC Barton Creek Cinema in Austin, Texas. Attached is a pic of the free pass I'd nabbed the weekend before. It was one of the most efficient sneak peeks I've ever been to. They took our passes, stamped our hands with a GREEN bingo marker (appropriate for St. Paddy's Day & the movie!) and seated everyone fairly quickly. Aside from a problem where the projector went out a few times about 1 hour into the movie, everything went well. I guess I'll just have to see it again (yay!) to get the part we missed - which was probably less than 1 minute of screen time total.

- Stan Sakai has posted his thoughts about attending the TMNT premiere on the Usagi Yojimbo web site.

-David wrote in to let us know that he heard from Playmates Toys that the following items have not been released yet: Purple Dragon, Inuwashi Gunjin, Paleo Patrol Sabre Cycle with Raphael, Paleo Patrol Helicopter and Movie Splinter with Bigfoot. Hopefully they'll be available sometime in the next few months.

-John sent in the following info for toy collectors:

"Playmates Toys never released the Sidewalk Surfer vehicle. It was released by Playmates but under the Toxic Crusaders toy line as Toxie's Turf Surfer."
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