Wednesday, March 28, 2007

-->> Waitin' on Mikey again .. mean time i got the go ahead on a special spotlight Retro Rev- !!

My pal Leif stellar artist,designer,story boarder,fine artist and cartoonist blastin'outta Hamilton Ontario in Canada !! Pretty freekin' amazing and inspirational..he's a one-man factory for design. Safeway,Quaker,Post,Kraft,Sugar Bear, and Cap'n Crunch.. just name a few of his crazy clientele ..among his earliest works include..Ahem** Nabisco's Canadian TMNT cereal box design !! (Yeh right up my alley.. just ask Mikey !! Ya like it ??)

Leif Peng !!

**Canadian TMNT cereal box ..Illustrated by Leif Peng/Nabisco 1991

Leif Peng !!

**Canadian TMNT cereal box pencils..Illustrated by Leif Peng/Nabisco 1991

You can catch more of Leif **here on his personal site ..but only if your prepared for something amazin,Raisin !! Whatta' guy !! Whatta nut .. and one slick artist !! WOWWOWOWOW !!

Thanks,Lief for lettin' me share some of your most classic of work !!


- Thank youzzzzz to GW for this important scoop on the TMNT movie release date on DVD..

"You might have this already, but the release date for the DVD is July 10

**Click for source..

Scroll down to the second to last comic cover."

'TMNT - The Collected Movie Books

Ship Date: July 7, 2007

Format: 216 B&W pages, full color cover, trade paperback format
Retail Price: $16 US $19 Canada

Cover by by Kevin Munroe’s CG crew; Stories by Murphy and Jake Black; Art Diego Jourdan, Juan Saavedra, Cristian Gonzalez, Fernando Pinto, Andres Ponce, Dario Brizuela, Jim Lawson, and others.

To coincide with the July 10 release on DVD of the blockbuster and cutting edge TMNT movie, this special trade paperback collects all 5 movie Prequel comic books along with the official movie adaptation! '