Sunday, March 25, 2007

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One Mock Turtle Deserves Another..

-->> Hey ,Mikey ..everybody .. look what caption snapped on the March 22 edition of C.S. Indy's Movie page ..

.. some Mighty Morphine Power Stranger n' smart arse really thinks their funny. Yeh they know what they're talkin' about , huh !!

Meh .. maybe they should be uh writin' for Family Guy er summin'.

Yeh another real 'punny'-funny Coloraduh Springs hipster !!

Gee.. a 'Focus on the Family' feud ?? Some Mutant Red-neck gone amok at the Indy ?!

Maybe somebody snortin' that funky 'Pizza Powder' ??

Hmm .. dunno.. can't blame 'em too much i guess.

Spending 'nuff time in this gewfy city'll do that to people.

But eh..yah know.. little do they know that one of the most controversial & chaotic TMNT fans ever, and a second up on a crazy TMNT fansite ..just lives down the ways from their downtown offices there !!

..yep ..::tOkKa..

Yeh like they'd know some of hard-cores' been waitin' for this show for freekin' 14 years !! Or how much all this means to us..and the people behind it ..

Hmm.. gee.. i mean heaven forbid i sabotage their next pizza order from Papa John's or Poor Richards with the tainted mushrooms.

Naahh .. i'm kiddin' !! Eh yeh sure i am .. !!

But uh .. ya know.. someone's gotta protect the Turtles' honor round these parts & these people with that 'Rockey Mountain Fever'.

And as a near full-fledged member of the 'Foot Clan'.. i can tell ya ,sometimes it's good bein' the Bad guy


Vengence is mine sayeth the Snapper !!

Or as they say 'round these parts "Cowabungaluia,Dude.." ..

.. >v<

- Thanks to Lexie ::

Lex::.." anyway.. great story on MSN!

i just saw TMNT for my second time today - and i'm STILL lovin' it.
here are the pics - one of the entire group and our bandanas, and one of me and my best ninja buds. don't ever watch TMNT movies with us, we know every single line, and we're always quoting TMNT movies. ;)


so anyway, that MSN article! TMNT tops the box office, eh? awesome!

LOS ANGELES -- The ninja turtles are back, and they're winning. The Warner Bros. adventure "TMNT," a computer-animated update of the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" comics, cartoons and 1990s live-action movies, debuted as the top weekend flick with $25.45 million in ticket sales, according to studio estimates Sunday.

way to go guys! ^_^ "

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