Friday, March 09, 2007

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The UK TMNT Movie TV spots are saying that the movie will be out on the 23rd of March (as opposed to the original March 30th release date). Plus there will be preview viewings on the 17th and 18th at selected theatres.

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**Cool Cuts 4 Kids' promo for March also has a cool drawing for stellar TMNT private screening !! Checkin' to the salon for details !!


The "Partners" section of the **official website has opened and has some peaks at more products that you can expect to find in upcoming weeks/months.


I assume this means new party products based on the movie, not the 2K3 stuff that's been around for awhile.



Kid Street Accessories:


There are a lot of other companies shown, but with no info/pictures provided.

They make posters and calendars.

Silver Goose:

No clue

Kids Headquarters:

No clue

ES Originals:

Briefly Stated:
I think this is sleepwear .. "

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The Lost Season DVD set (shipping notices?, other sellers)

"Has anyone who ordered the DVD set from easyDVD received thier shipping notice at all? ..

I also found the Lost Season for sale

**HERE and **HERE

Since easyDVD is out of stock and if you did'nt pre-order - these would be two likely good sellers to purchase this long awaited disc set from. There probably are more.

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