Friday, March 23, 2007

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You've been waiting for it...

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-->>..ya think i'm ready ta go, Mikey?? Ya think i'll do my mama proud ??

N' boy that movie was fun !!

..N' don't kids yourselves..

THIS IS TMNT 4 !! TMNT II and 3 Count to the turtle canon so HAHA !! >8p

..well whatever.. while Mikey's enjoyin' the lime life.. bein' the lemon on this site means i'm #2 .. and well #2 is crap ..but uh.. somebody's gotta do all the dirty work n' clear out the septic tank. So i'll grab some toilet paper ..n' while we're waitin' for Mikey's next big report .. i might as well get this big fat round-up on the road here. .. .. ::

- Check your local McDonald's restaurant ..TMNT toys are in now !!**Click for the site !!

- Thanks to Lex for the followin' spat !! ::

Lex .." ..this gave me a good laugh, and gives our guys some exposure!
i did my daily what's going on in the world according to MSN check and lo and behold saw a cute little 80s mikey with a pizza smiling at me!

the headline reads - cowabunga! a brief history of the 'mutant ninja turtles'.
at the end of the article is a little questionarre you can fill out. do it! :)

here's a link to the story, otherwise, go right to!"


- Courtesy of Cyn..

..last weekend's premiere review from IGN ..**Click here ~~!!

++ Official site stats from Danny B. !! ::

- The May issue of Starlog contains a four page story about the new TMNT film.

..spidey's got company !!

- Trey sent in this report - check your local listings to confirm:

"I thought I'd let you and the fellow Turtle fans know if it hasn't been reported that this Satuday (3/24) in honor of the movie 4kids will air "Membership Drive" of the brief Ninja Tribunal Season which features The Justice Force and The Nanotech Monster. The other episode will be the next Fast Forward episode "Graduation Day - 2105".

-Metal Mike sent in this snippet:

"It appears that the classic NES TMNT game will be hitting Nintendo Wii's virtual console!!!"

-Jorhan sent in the following info:

**Here's the link to the new TMNT figures!

Toy News International

-Ross sent in the following info:

"I just saw **Navarre has posted the season 1 Volume 1 DVD on their site, it is saying 13 episodes: Concurrently, ** has Box Art for the set and the art says 12 episodes."

-**Posted the extended synopsis (with screenshots) from Episode #101 "Adventures in Turtle-Sitting".

- "USA Today has a story about the TMNT movie voice actors on their site. (**Click) "

- ** .."pix of the TMNT movie toys display at the Toys R Us in Times Square, NYC"

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**Photo 2

**Photo 3

**Photo 4



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