Tuesday, March 09, 2004

-->> ..gee whizz..good thing i gots all dis protective armor here.. as much blade-ery as i carry around.. golly, i could really hoit myse'f !!
TMNT Trading Card fans are really gonna wanna check "Upper Decks" official TMNT game site..
..a wonderful gallery,overview,news, and soon.. game advice from R n' D lead :'Kevin Tewart' .. !! Checkit now..real cool!!

--o' don't worry.. your monitors just sleeping.. Ha.. i lied.. YOU KILLED HIM,lil' devil worshipers !!
THE FORUMS .. are buggin' Bad!!

Mikey's switching over to a new system.. so Mikey's Forum goes.. be warned.. things aren't working right..

.. hopefully before days end ..Mike will have the New Forums up and running..

..thanks for your patience and sorry for any problems this causes.. 8(
.. Please hang tight!!

--..o my god!! Michelangelo put Sally Struthers on his pizza !!
MATT XE covers the contraviersial TMNT Cookie Kookie Caper..here!!
Complete with downloads,sedative, and diet pills!! ;)

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