Wednesday, March 17, 2004

-->>.. who farted in here??.. it wasn't me.. honest.. it was err.. the DVD!! yeh!!
Mr.B updates the official site..the original 4 TMNTs from the new line with DVDs ..this has been doezens of times before to push action figure sales.. and as T-drome's Splint put's it..::

"Hopefully the final versions will feature four different episodes. It is likely these are just mockups, as the DVD slipcase for Donny's is blue instead of purple and Mikey's is red instead of Orange. After all, it makes little sense to issue the same two episodes twice. But it would not suprise me if this is the case. Either way, it's good for you variation collectors. And it's good for those new collectors that missed the Wave 1 TMNT figures" if your a Die-hard and ya got the green.. GO FOR IT!! ..or if you are a TMNT're in for a real Treat!! 8)

-- In an effort to keep upi with all the TMNT licensees and products just being dropped out of nowheres..
DAN' Berger's "Merch Hype" a special space on the offical site fot the Turtle Ware gurus to display their goods and give you the lo-down on what's new!!

--volume 7..volume 8..
..gee..that dude looks like a Turtle..
..har har har..
..while Mikey was eye spyin Turtle Tots.. tOkkey spotted..and scraped up enuff' for Volumes 7 and 8 of the DVDs..

T-drome's Splint gives us a little word of warning on the DVD vids..::
"..And there is some missing sections of 3 of the episodes. Just want to get a small word of warning out to those of you that purchase the show on DVD. I don't know if the VHS releases have the same problem. But it's likely.

On TMNT: Volume 7, Return to New York pt. 2 and Return to New York 3 are missing the opening narration and recap of the previous episode before the opening credits. And on Volume 8, Search for Splinter pt. 2 is missing the opening narration and recap of the previous episode before the opening credits.

I suggest that everyone contact Funimation about this, and request that the DVD's be redone to include the openings. Remember to not be rude or insulting in your E-Mails, Calls, or Snail Mail. Just remember to tell them, that even if they are just recaps of the previous episode, they are important to the story."

..there is also a small little flyer in there about TMNT-Box set 1 ..with volumes 1-4.. but that was info on any future box sets.. oii..


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