Tuesday, March 23, 2004

-->>..ooh.. not ANOTHER battle with them Toitles again.. uuggh.. so much pain.. my 'Feet' are killing me.. getit?? .. ehh..didn't think so..
-- For all ya Foot Fans.. and army builders.. the 'TMNT' Wave 1 Foot Soldier just drives everybody crazy.. and as if ya didn't notice..his Cross-bow is well.. a little 'restrictive'..sure..the arrow shoots.. but.. it's stuck on a string..
and so unless a Turtle Victim is standing right in front of the bow.. you might as well be shooting at sitting ducks.. cuz ya know.. them Ninja Ninnies are gonna move..and your poor Foot Feind is gonna get his big toe stomped!!
We don't want that!!
..give your Foot Fellahs a leg up..

++Click here for a funky Foot custom to add a bit better shootin' power in their bows..

..really cool trick.. but it involves X-acto knives and saws.. so little ninjas wanna get Mom and Dad's help..!!

--'TMNT' volumes 9 and 10 ('Secret Origins' and 'Turtles in Space') are looking to be released separately ..
..nearly a month apart..

-- Word from Playmates Toys..
is that we're looking for Baxter Stockman's Figure to be the Spider body.. so once again..
Bax goes buggy..

..i know there we're people hoping for somthing more deluxe.. but.. time will tell..
..Usagi and Baxter Pix ..should be out soon.. so i'll keep my Foot in the door..
oii.. too much Foot action here..

.. i told my mawm i grew an extra foot yesterday..

..so she knit me 3 socks..

.. ok..i'll stop .. 8P ..

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