Thursday, March 25, 2004

-->>..aahh..we're always camera shy..(we're always naked..!!)

-- 'MBZ Personal Care' ..has been pimpin' out 'TMNT' Bubble Bath..
(as pictured camera shy TMNT Bath Bottles..) cool character containers.. so far all i've seen is the TMNT group bottle.. with 'Apple OOZE' bubble bath.. and the 4 TMNTs each with their own colour and scented bubble bath.. 'Donatello' comes with Give 'em Shell Grapebubble bath ..
..Ninja Turtles strike dirt hard.. and make it fade away down the drain.. while you get scrubbly,bubbly clean!!
..(golly i'm tired..)

..the 'Poodle Toilet Paper Cozy' .. is available from your nearest gramma's house...

-- The following was in April 2004' s 'Previews' mag..
(remember ..this is for 2 months from now.. 'April' ..stuff appearing in this book will start hitting shoppes in June and later..)

- !!
..Trends International will be releasing a 16-month '2005' TMNT calender..(which is cool.. can use the calender for the remainder of 2004 all the way into 2005 !!)

- ..and.. TMNT vol.4 # 16
.."Leo fights for his life against the mysterious warrior; Mike & his new friend walk the Marginal way; Don and the Utroms learn more about their predicament; and Raph doesn't like it when you touch his food.."

.. and Mr.Zilch..the wacky neighbor.. hits his thigh on the fence post walkin' home from the post office..n' he twists his knee left n' sprains his ankle.. it's not satire.. it's the recipe for CAAWAAAAZZY Ninja Turtle Comedy..

..screwit..i'm fried.. i'm gonna go draw a bath n' drown myself in some of them 'ninja bubbles..'


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