Monday, March 08, 2004

-->>..out from the shadows came an awsome site..
..Peter Laird's 'Blast From the Past ..hit's hard..
Mr.Laird digs thru his files for ol' school TMNT goodies that are just so wondeful..
they are timeless!! These babies are reeking' of '80s charm!! 8)

-::'Blast 85' starts here..
as the TMNTs tackle a mad an Eastman/Laird drawing dating from 1984 !!

-::Blast 86' starts here..
..when the conventions loomed for the Mirage Studio crew.. fans were cravin' the Turtle sketches pronto.. Mr.Laird shares one of the drawings..some memories..

..and a very quick and special preview of the next 'Tales..'

..eerie and elite things are looming in the Turtles future.. i can sence it!!

-- this from 'Krang'::
Don't know if any of you watch Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO, but on
the episode tonight Barry Gordon, who provided Donnie's voice on the
original cartoon, was guest-starring as a rabbi. I didn't realize it
til halfway through, when he started getting riled up and his
trademark voice came out.

Just thought I'd mention it in case you want to catch it on repeats.



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