Sunday, March 14, 2004


-SykoGRAFIX's own Trans-ninja,Trans-fan,Trans-manga,Trans-metal..
..he's everything Trans..'cept for a 'vestite..and odds are he listens to TRANCE.. ::
..shares a bit of info with this Trans-tOkKa --

"At TransformersCon in Toronto, Ontario on March 13th, I asked Dreamwave Prez Pat Lee about the future of TMNT comics with his company. He said that TMNT didn't perform to a high enough standard, which we knew already, and thus if (and I stress IF) there are to be more TMNT Animated comics, they would probably not be through Dreamwave.

Now, what does that mean, exactly? It could mean that at any time, another company could swoop in and take the rights, OR it could mean that it would have to wait until the licence expires. Or it could mean nothing and in 3 months time he'll change his mind. Either way, it seemed like Pat wished things had worked out better, and if new TMNT comics came out via another company, he'd be keeping an eye on it as a fan.

HOWEVER, I do have some very cool unrelated news. I'm not sure how much I should say, but I'll mention that Dreamwave seems to have obtained a very exciting new licence. It's a very popular and enduring franchise. In fact, you might just say that it's "Legendary".

..blah blah blah

.. i can't top that this morning so.. there a go!! 8)


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