Friday, March 19, 2004

-->> Artxilla's forums.. not Mikey's just yet.. 8)
..LeSean and Co.s' 'ARTXILLA' is set to debut online the 23rd of this month..but they do have their forums up and running!!

And this from LeSean himself ::
..REALLY cool contest happening at my studio's forums, my studio will launch next week and we're doing a REALLY cool TMNT art contest!!! anyone can enter and its sponsored by KONAMI! ART PRIZES! GAME PRIZES!!!! original art by me..

Contest info starts here.. it's YOUR turn to take a stab at the '5th Turtle' !!

--WIKK W. shares info that..
The Next Ep of Mutant Ninja Turtles is out at 'New Grounds' ..
.. the 100 % fan-based flash project is getting alot of praise as really hard-edge.. and it's alot of fun.. click the link now for Episode II !!

--Attention Forum Goers..
I've been getting alot of comments on the forums.. missing ranks,post counts and some other bugs driving everyone crazy.
..AGAIN..i can only beg you guys for your continued patience..

.. Mikey's work schedule and my school/work schedule has been making maintaining the forums a bit blurry..

.. the new forums are up and Mikey's still working out the wrinkles.. but for now..the curent forums are what we gotta work with.

Mikey told me late last night that he does have the old database stored and saved.. he can restore it to the old forums here..
..but if he does..
any new posts you guys have made the past 2 weeks will be deleted it's a double edge sword..i suggested he keep it the way it is,so we can keep the forums as current as possible.
I'm sorry it sems like i'm coming up with excuses..but you need to understand there is alot going on right now.. have patience and it'll pay off in the long run..Cross my Pinchers ..hope to die.. stick a lobster in my eye!!

..o' to be a Jumbo shrimp ..right about now..

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