Tuesday, March 30, 2004

-->> UGGH..Gah.. i never win!! I hate Pac-Man!!
..MATT XE's Krang Fetish leads to another Exposé on the Ravenous Brain Drain from the Utrom Train.. Krang
.. learn more on the mechanical magifecence of Krang's Android Body..and Jell-o Krang..
'Krang's Bahhadee' ..STARTS HERE!! ..
..ready n' waitin' to push your belly brain buttons!!

..the turtles are always greener..in somebody else's lake..

Splint from T-drome.. tips it off again..
--.. tha man with the plan brings wind .. and water..

"Ok, I'm trying to be creative with the titles. Don't hit me. But design sketches for the Upcoming Scuba Gear Turtles have been posted over at Action-Figure.Com. I'd have to say that they look pretty good, for being Turtle Variants. I still would prefer to see the Toon Accurate Space Hoppin' Turtles. Or Trench Coat Turtles. Or even Purple Dragon Turtles. But I'm always willing to get an intresting variation of the green teens. "

..the really cool and in my opinion ,stunning concept work starts RIGHT HERE..!! The TMNTs will come backed in with some 'finger-flick firables and some new -underwater pals.. checkit' while it's wet!!

.. in Arizona.. you can discover 'Turtles: Origins to World Domination'
..Reptiles have come along way in 200 million years.. there is a cool exhibit revealing so much of the treck..
..including the fossil facinating remains of a 'winged turtle'!! !!

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