Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Salutations, TMNT fans! Today we have a bit of some Creamy 4 panel comic goodness and just one day short of when I thought I'd have it done! We've not had a 4 panel-er in a while. Despite that, or the side note that someone at work actually had a dicussion with me where "Riddle me This" was said, followed by my shock of him using the phrase, overall, there's not too much to say....

Except for If you'd like to join the D4K mailing list, which is just me e-mailing you when the comic is updated, go ahead and e-mail at NArgan@aol.com.

Also, before I leave, I actually had to re-edit the post, but I was checking out the amazon link for...

Volume 9..OUT NOW!!

and it reads being released on May 18th. Does anyone have anything to back this up or did Amazon just majorly goof? I'd rather not ahve any of you drive long distances today to get it and realize it's not on sale yet. Anyone??


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