Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Tokka, on the whole TMNT DVD thing, don't worry about it bro. Everyone gets excited and jumps the gun. Since, me and Mikey have yer back, as well as the rest of the fandom, yo! Sorry it's taken so long to respond to said post from last week, I've been MAD BUSY with life in general. Oddly enough, this leads right into this week's new spiffy comic, entitled, "Busy". Now what makes this so odd, you ask? Lemme tell yah!

I usually have most strips drawn out or written ahead of time. Being that I am now only doing 1 strip a week, (sometimes two, even tho one is only released, or one is released, the other is drawn and not inked at all...) I had this comic completed in basic pencils two weeks ago. Yeee-ah. And it's finally now getting released? granted, there is the whole once a week schedule, but two weeks ago I didn't follow that idea too well? Did I? I think not. so the fact the strip is about everyone being Busy sums up my life as of late.

But don't worry. I'm still lurking about, bringing whatever info that Tokka, (the dude himself) doesn't get out to you (barely ANYTHING slips by him, he's a BEAST! :-) ) or Mike doesn't seem to get out to you, and bringing you more peachy keen comic goodness.


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